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  • A bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives would provide relief for truckers from some hours-of-service rules. With it, both houses of Congress are now circulating legislation that targets change to HOS regulations, adding to a flurry of trucking-related activity taking place on Capitol Hill.

  • Legislation that would provide hours-of-service flexibility for certain truckers as a way to promote highway safety and boost the economy was introduced June 21 by a bipartisan group of U.S. House lawmakers.

  • Fed up with state and local laws that require private employers to offer paid sick days, the airlines and railroads have filed suit, claiming that the interstate nature of their businesses should make them exempt.

  • ACT Research Co. is forecasting downward pressure on the Chinese commercial vehicle market — but not all segments at once — beginning this year and extending through 2022 driven by higher prices and lower rates.

  • A Teamsters union local deliberately failed to respond to employees of Walt Disney World and UPS Inc. who inquired about resigning from the union or canceling payroll deductions of union dues, the National Labor Relations Board decided.

  • The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. introduced its Endurance LHS steer tire for longhaul applications, which complements its Endurance LHD drive tire.

  • The logistics supply chain had a strong 2017 with a healthy economy revving up demand that led to tight capacity that gave carriers the authority to raise prices with shippers, according to the 29th Annual Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals State of Logistics Report.

  • In an apparent reaction to pressure from a number of associations representing chemical, petroleum, manufacturing and business trade groups, the U.S. Coast Guard on June 21 announced plans to delay for three years a requirement that hundreds of bulk cargo facilities deploy Transportation Worker Identification Credential biometric card readers by Aug. 23.